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260A class A power amp

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Element 260A - Pure Class A Stereo Amplifier 

- 2x60 / 2x120 / 2x240 / 2x480 Wrms (8/4/2/1 ohm)
- Balance and single ended input with HDCA technology
- THD 0.01% ( full power @ 4 Ohm )
- Input impedance 47 Kohm xlr / 25 Kohm rca
- THD Vs FR +/- 0,03% to 5Khz and 20Khz
- Signal to noise ratio: >105 db
- Damping Factor: 250 (1Khz @ 8 Ohm )
- Max Voltage output : 23 V
- Continuos current out: 31 A

 Pure Class  A   

The extreme purity of class A . No term of comparison for this exceptional amplifier which combines power and refined sound, without being afraid to call it, the state of the art. Class A for excellence, designed and built on the highest standards of quality to ensure outstanding performance, accomplices also selected components and a power supply section of the first order cured in every aspect.


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