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C101 preamplifier

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Musica C101 - high-end  Preamplifier

- Input 3 stereo single ended / 1 stereo balanced
- Output 1 stereo balanced / 1 stereo single ended
- Input impedance XLR 47Kohm / RCA 22Kohm
- Max output voltage 20V
- Frequency Response 8 Hz – 80 Khz (+-3db @ 40 Khz )
- THD 0.005%
- Signal to noise ratio >118 db
- Output impedance XLR 70 ohm / RCA 32 ohm
- feature High End Volume control Burr Brown PGA2310
-Oled display

The heart of Music C101 is entrusted to a circuit operating in Class A output stages in type DPFETM  (Dralington Parallel Follow Emitter). This technology maintains high slew / rate, ensuring a fast response to transients and a very high current output. The salient features of this music machine is one excellent soundstage, dynamics at the highest levels of refinement and a unique timbre

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