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one DAC, one digital preamplifier and one high-end headphone amplifier all in one instrument. Supports DSD 64-128-512 and PCM formats up to 384 Khz on-board Crystek 100 Mhz oscillator with jitter 0.5 Picoseconds - USB input via AMANERO - ES9018 HyperstreamTM 32 bit DAC architecture and jitter elimination in time domain

Music D101 is the reference DAC for excellence. It supports any format and the large connection park makes it very versatile its use. The digital conversion is entrusted to the best commercial chips today, the SABRE ESS9018.
This converter allows conversions up to 32_bit 384Khz with a THD of less 120 db and a 135 db db SNR with Jitter Elimination in Time Domain and Patented Hyperstream Architecture.
Used in the professional domain due to its great performance lies in the best tools such as recording systems, mixer consoles and digital audio workstations.
The USB conversion is entrusted to the AMANERO module that can also convert up to 384Khz and i2S, 32bit, DSD64 and DSD128 - DSD256 and DSD512 output formats for windows.
The EamLab output stages convert the current signal to the HDCA modules for balanced XLR and single ended RCA outputs.

D101 is also a digital preamp and headphone amplifier
In essence it is a machine that combines 3 high-level products into a unique solution. Versatility and cost savings are unmatched.

The Dual Mono design of the entire circuit, including DAC, offers a sound stage and stereo space that has never been heard before with a separation between channels over 80 db.
Separate power supplies for the digital and analog components are optimally filtered and stabilized

• THD  < 0.002%
• S/NR > 135db
• Input : coax / optical/ AES_EBU / usb
• 32 bit / 384 Khz
• Trigg In : 5 to 20 V
• Trigg out : 5 or 12 V selectable
• Idle power : 1 W stand-by / 20 W idle
• Dimension : 420 * 390 * 100 mm
• Weight : 12Kg
• LT1963 : pre regulator
• ES9018s : patented hyperstream 32 bit converter
• Crystek  100Mhz : reference oscillator
• Separated supply : Analog circuitry / Digital circuitry
• Dual mono design
• HDCA : output stage
max Voltage ouput preamp : XLR 2.2 Vrms / RCA 1.5 Vrms
phones ouput : 3,8 Wrms 32ohm / 1 Wrms 300ohm

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