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The ELEMENT series was created to allow modern acoustic systems to best express their potential by making use of music exclusively and without altering the initial sound message in any way. Each component that compiles it is carefully chosen based on excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics along with reliability over time which, for us at Eam Lab, is of primary importance

In this power amplifier we have gathered all the experience gained in the electroacoustic field over the years. Power supply, output stages, input stages, components and protections are made to provide excellent performance in any environment, condition and load.

ELEMENT 701 interfaces best with the most demanding loudspeakers, providing power without limits in any situation. The powerful 650 Watts per channel on 8 Ohms and over 1000 on 4 Ohms are able to "smovere" even a wall if necessary. Whatever your environment or your Element 701 speaker system will be the definitive amplifier
In this model a new philosophy of circuit approach has been adopted, starting from the supply stage up to the output stage. Without compromise, without reservations. Like the microprocessor that controls the entire operation of all parameters.


Maximum fidelity of sound reproduction in any condition of use, load, environment.

Transparency, scenic depth, focus and dynamics at levels never before achieved.

2200VA transformer, Longlife capacitors 105 ° 15,000 hours with low ESR, instrumentation and latest generation components for an absolute quality of intrinsic quality.

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