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Ultimate Class A Power Amplifier - HDCA input stage made with ultra-low noise components from fully discrete instrumentation for a high noise signal ratio and perfectly balanced signal paths - Sanken output devices in configuration Push-pull "massive" to achieve high currents up to 1 ohms - over-sized power supply and state-of-the-art.

All class A music sophistication has been enclosed in this amplifier conceived on state-of-the-art technical bases and modern design. Eam Lab's philosophy of high-power high-power amplifiers does not even deny this 60 W "power" power amplifier. Each component and each stage has been oversized beyond any limit to ensure, in every situation, absolute musical excellence in any load condition. Power data that doubles the impediment halfway is the result of constant search for absolute performance and a maniacal study for the production of the power stage equipped with the best materials. The filtering board with ESR of only 2mOhm to 100Hz and two 900VA toroidal transformers with high efficiency and very low induction explain in part the results obtained

• Continuos average output power (20hz – 20.000 hz )
60 Watt per channel into 8 ohm in pure CLASS A
120 Watt per channel into 4 ohm            stereo operation
240 Watt per channel into 2 ohm     (both channel driven)
480 Watt per channel into 1 ohm

• Total harmonic distortion    0.002% with 8 ohm load
Frequency response    10-20Khz +0/-0.3 Db  -  at 1 Watt output 20-80Khz    +0/-3 Db
Damping Factor            >250 at 50 -80-250 hz refer 8 ohm
Input sensitivity            1.4 V for full power 8 Ohm
• Input impedance          22 Kohm xlr / 22 Kohm   rca
• Signal to noise ratio    >105 Db weighted A
• Maximum dimension 400 x250 x 420 mm (DxHxW)
• Weight       38 Kg

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