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Monophonic amplifiers are a reference for those looking for the highest quality of playback coupled with a very large dynamic range.
ELEMENT 501 can deliver power up to 1800 W.rms at 2 ohms with distortions below 0.003%. A reference to the category.

However, these data are not the result of a careful design of each stage of the amplifier aimed at achieving the predetermined data
The power stage, performance button heart, is designed with extreme care and uses 2 toroidal transformers in parallel for a total of 2Kva. Transformers are resinated and encapsulated, wrapped in low-loss ferromagnetic cores. The interlaced windings and the materials used make the vibrations typical of large transformers unnecessary to the benefit of sound reproduction and environmental noise.
The output stage envisages 12 pairs (24 transistors in total) of BJT Sanken able to withstand and deliver continuous currents in the order of 350 A to 25 ° c .. Dynamic translation we have a nearly infinite reserve as well as a ' Extreme reliability virtually in any condition of use.

The 501 technology, however, is not only performance and extreme power, but also and above all top-level musicality, as traditionally EamLab.
The advantage of monophone amplification is immediately felt through the great separation between the channels, the dynamic stratospheric, the sonorous detail and the wide and three-dimensional sound stage.
Power rms   500 / 1000 / 1800 - 8/4/2 ohm
Thd  0.002% full power 8 ohm
F/R  5hz to 100 Khz +/- 0.5db
SN/R  >120db
CMMR  >80db
Z Input 22Kohm RCA / 47Kohm XLR
Input sens  1.2Vrms full power 8 ohm
Slew rate 35V/us
D.F > 300 at 8ohm / 50Hz
 Continuos voltage out  65V rms
 Peak voltage out  80 Vrms
 Current out  up to 300 A.
 Comsumption  stand-by  1W , IDLE 20W , full power 8A/1800W
 Output impedance  8/4/2 ohm
 Weight  45Kg
 Dimension 460*420*230mm

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