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HA600 power Amp

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HA 600 power amplifier
330 / 560  Wrms x 2  8/4 ohm (each channel driven)
HDCA input Xlr and single ended
Input Impedance : 47 Kohm Xlr / 25 Kohm RCA
Signal to noise : >98 Db
Damping factor: >80 on bandwith into 8 Ohm
Frequency responce : 5Hz to 80 Khz +/-0.2db
Max output voltage : 55V
Max current out :  25A (each channel)
crest factor : 15 Db
HA600 , with preamplifier HP01 are first high-end component of our company. The superlative performance  were achieved not by chance. HA600 is an amplifier with a refined design and a very compact chassis incorporates a modern technology that allows it to reach a huge power. the new models also incorporate the HDCA inputs.
unpretentious this amplification system has no competitors that can overcome it in performance.

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