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Our history starts in 1997. In those years of innovations and discoveries in the audio field Emanuele Pizzi founded TCE where amplifiers were produced principally for the professional audio market. from 1998 to 2009, TCE uses different technological and product transformations to become the current EAMLAB in 2010.

Eamlab today deals with high-end products for domestic use. Amplifiers, DAC, preamplifiers and Integrated built to high quality standards (basically as from the dawn) able to compete with the best national and international brands and able to give a sense of strength, reliability and excellent sound reproduction at all levels, basically as from tradition.

Today our story continues to bring technology and sound innovation to the highest possible levels for every domestic need for space and power, always looking at the real use without deviating from our philosophy into unnecessary aesthetic or circuit virtuosity. In every Eamlab product there is always the essential for the best functioning and enjoyment of your beloved acoustic system.

Year 1998
The HD2700 amplifier is born, a monster of power and reliability in class G. capable of delivering a power of 800 Wrms per channel on 8 ohms with a 75% efficiency in a chassis just 3 U rack high, an innovation for the time

In 2001 the PA2600 was produced. a very compact amplifier capable of over 500Wrms per 8 ohm channel. Widely used with great satisfaction in the tours because of its lightness (for the era), reliability and portability.
Year 2011
TCE is transformed into the current EAMLAB. HA600 and HP01 are the first products of the new company that immediately target the target. Capable of an enthusiastic sound reproduction where in a very compact chassis there is a power amp of 330 Wrms per channel in AB class on 8 ohm. This has been possible thanks to particular innovative circuits designed to control thermal stability in addition to the search for latest generation materials to contain the dimensions of transformers and capacitors.
Who still uses HA600 and HP01 is no longer able to do without it. Sound and reliability of HA600 and HP01 remain a reference today.

Year 2014
Element 302 arrives. A performance amplifier that is currently unattainable for many competitors,. Especially for the proposed price. Currently still in production and later joined by the twin sister in Class A Element 260A and the integrated Element 202i and 260Ai of the same family

.......and the story continues today  ...


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