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Music C101 is the basis on which the Element C201 and Reference C301 top preamplifiers are also implemented. In this project we wanted to remove the traditional volume control through the classic carbon potentiometer to entrust it to the modern and reliable Burr Brown PGA23XX chip.

The advantage is better under both technical and mechanical aspects. the wear that inevitably presents is not taken into consideration in these devices and the constancy of long-term performance is a certainty.

the amplification circuits are entrusted to the HDCA modules which are in turn powered and stabilized separately. The dynamics and the microcontrast in all the frequency spectrum are guaranteed and guaranteed thanks to a design and circuit setting that we have deliberately given to this preamplifier.


Class A operating circuit, balanced inputs and outputs

Separate and stabilized power supplies for each channel, Digital volume control to eliminate annoying click noise through wear

low ESR electrolytic capacitors and polypropylene signal capacitors designed to our specifications.

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