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An integrated amplifier that knows how to give emotions to each listening is not easy to accomplish for its intrinsic nature of ALL IN ONE where dimensioning of all stages must provide lower footprints.
Above all, if you set a very low Target Price for the high standards you have chosen to pursue and at the same time create a product from the unmistakable sonic, mechanical, and high-end Hgh-end design features.

The Integrated Musica 102i is all this.

With a power of 100 Wrms on 8 ohms, dual mono construction, two 250VA low induction transformers, SANKEN output device and unmatched pilot capacity in this category, enclosed in a compact cabinet and exceptional design, you can match it with Any stand or floor speaker system that they are.

The 4-layer multilayer PCB has been able to separate power supplies from signal paths and digital and analogue masses and create an RFI shield for high noise rejection. Dual mono circuitry also allows you to reach very low levels of diaphragm which result in a channel separation difficult to reach in other products of the same category.

The aesthetic design is the result of the all-Italian style. The elegance of the lines, the quality of the materials and the simplicity that distinguish it make the music a "jewelery" product.
The environment that will welcome you will be embellished with the beauty and technology used only in MUSIC !

• Continuos average output power (20hz – 20.000 hz )
100Watt per channel into 8 ohm
180Watt per channel into 4 ohm            stereo operation

Maximu Phones Output : 8 W to 32 Ohm / 5 W to 300 ohm

• Total harmonic distortion    0.003% with 8 ohm load
Frequency response    20-20Khz +0/-0.25 Db  -  at 1 Watt output 20-80Khz    +0/-3 Db
Damping Factor            >200 at 70 hz refer 8 ohm
Input sensitivity            XLR 1 Vrms  / RCA 1.6 Vrms
• Input impedance         47 Kohm xlr / 22 Kohm   rca
• Signal to noise ratio    >105 Db weighted A
• Maximum dimension 350 x100 x 420 mm (DxHxW)
• Weight      18 Kg

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