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No compromise, no shortcuts, no dubious sound reproduction - technologically advanced and built on solid technical bases around high quality component components - HDCA.2 input stages with "instrumentation" components for an exceptional noise signal - innovative supply circuit that uses diodes providing super fast transient response times ever before - Sanken bipolar output devices for unique performance.

Reference 352 is a powerful performance amplifier, which along with the Reference line is the flagship of EamLAb. Reference 352 is a 'powerful amplifier with the advantage of a consumption of only 10 W at rest and 2W in stand-by thanks to the particular circuitry that constantly monitors the current Bias.
Reference 352 is equipped with a 2800 VA transformer and a total filtration capacity of 220,000 UF. In this formation it is capable of providing 350 W at 8 ohms, 700 4 and 1600 on 2 between 20 Hz and 20Khz with a distortion less than 0.03%.
But not just power. In Reference 352 we also wanted more transient response speeds, a load-independent neutral sound, an unprecedented dynamics.
Particular care in the power circuit such as the use of ultrafast diodes for straightening replacing the classic rectifier bridges, the low induction transformer and 97% efficiency, the aluminum film capacitors with very limited tolerances have made us reach the goals set.

• Continuos average output power (20hz – 20.000 hz )
350 Watt per channel into 8 ohm
700Watt per channel into 4 ohm            stereo operation
1400 Watt per channel into 2 ohm     (both channel driven)
2800 Watt  in mono mode 4 Ohm

• Total harmonic distortion  stereo operation (both channel driven)-   0.07% with 2 ohm load / 0.03% with 4-8 ohm load
• Frequency response    at rated output    20-20Khz +0/-0.25 Db  -  at 1 Watt output 20-80Khz    +0/-3 Db                   
• Damping Factor            >200 to 20hz-20Khz refer 8 ohm
• Input sensitivity            0.9 V for full power 8 Ohm
• Input impedance          47 Kohm balanced / 22 Kohm         unbalanced
• Signal to noise ratio     >115 Db weighted A
• Power requirements    AC 120 V or AC 230 V (see in rear panel)
• Power consumption     30 Watt idle
• Maximum dimension  550 x 250 x 600 mm (DxHxW)
• Weight       70 Kg

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