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Studio D101 combines the absolute quality of the high-quality DAC Music D201 and Music D101. Whether you connect a computer via USB or stream from a DLNA server to your computer or NAS, Studio DAC ensures you listen to your favorite music to the fullest.
The Studio DAC D101 audio circuit is powered by two separate transformers, one for analog power supplies and the other for digital ones. The separate secondary low-induction double offers superior efficiency and greater rejection to disturbances created by the magnetic field from the same.

The audio output path of the DAC D101 is completely balanced by the DAC chip up to the XLR outputs that pass through the HDCA output stages. The balanced design offers better noise rejection in common mode, improves signal quality and produces better channel separation by eliminating the common return path to ground. Supports DSD 64-128-256 and PCM formats up to 384 Khz.

The Dual Mono design of the entire circuit, including the DAC, offers a sound scene and a stereo spatiality never heard before with a separation between the channels above 80 db.
Separate power supplies for digital and analog parts are optimally filtered and stabilized.


Compact design and aesthetically appealing, black finishes, aluminum color or its combinations, great versatility of use

Dual Mono, Pcb multilayer and power stages designed for crystal clear and realistic reproduction

Production processes and components built on our specifications within a radius of 20 km from our headquarters ... just to guarantee the best performance ever

             Vicolo Gesù 1 - 20020 Busto Garolfo (Mi) Italy
   Tel : +39 0331 537078 /   P.IVA 09985970962
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