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All customers who purchase equipment internationally and nationally from Eamlab are covered by the same warranty conditions and for the same warranty period. Warranty terms and conditions for each item are available in the product manual and on our website.

The warranty service for international customers who purchased their equipment directly from Eamlab is normally provided at the Eamlab office here in ITALY. While labor and materials are covered by our standard warranty, international customers are responsible for all shipping costs to and from our location. Unfortunately, in some areas, shipping can be expensive and slow. Therefore, we are pleased to offer those who live in these areas another option ...
While our international distributors usually only need the tools purchased through them, in an effort to provide the best possible service to our valued customers, we have made special arrangements to ensure that some of our distributors serve Eamlab gears for our international customers. at a reduced price. (In addition, as we will provide them with the necessary repair parts under your warranty and we will work closely with them during the repair process, you will pay ONLY for labor.)
Please note that while you will be required to negotiate and pay repair costs directly to the service center, and we will NOT be able to reimburse your labor costs, the cost to have your equipment repaired locally will almost certainly be lower than the cost to send it internationally, you will avoid excessively long shipping delays and you will be assured of a competent repair by an authorized service center.
Of course, if you prefer to ship your equipment directly to Italy for warranty repair, we will be happy to accommodate you and provide a full warranty service at no cost to you other than shipping. If you wish to consider this option, please let us know, and we will confirm if we can currently organize a local service in your area


The National Guarantee is exclusively and only made by us. For all the warranty period of the product, usually indicated in the user manual, any type of intervention can only be carried out at our office. Any "do-it-yourself" repair attempts or repairs made outside our service network will immediately invalidate the service network.

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