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Latest generation pure class A power amplifier - HDCA input stage made with "ultra low noise" components from completely discrete instrumentation for a high signal to noise ratio and maintain perfectly balanced signal paths - Sanken output devices in configuration "massive" push-pull to obtain high currents on loads up to 1 Ohm - oversized and state-of-the-art power supply.

All the musical sophistication of the A class has been enclosed in this amplifier designed on the basis of advanced techniques and modern conception. The Eam Lab philosophy of large power amplifiers in high power is not denied even in this power amplifier of "only" 60 W. Each component and each stage has been oversized beyond all limits to guarantee always, and in any situation, performances of absolute musical excellence in any load condition.
The power data that doubles to halve the impedance are the result of a constant search for absolute performance and a maniacal study for the construction of the power supply stage equipped with the best materials. The filter bench with ESR of only 2mOhm at 100 Hz and two 900VA toroidal transformers with high efficiency and very low induction partly explain the results obtained.


All the purity of the A class for a sonic reproduction of excellence in any condition of use.

Transparency, scenic depth, focus and dynamics at absolute levels

Dual-Mono Construction, Entrance Stages via HDCA, components from instrumentation and the latest generation for a unique reproduction and fidelity

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