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All the purity of the class A. Element 260Ai is the integrated amplifier par excellence. Unprecedented dynamic power and reserve, a massive antivibration aluminum chassis, dual mono construction, 70u / micron double-sided PCBs and entry stages equipped with "instrumentation" components for exceptional sound transparency

An integrated amplifier capable of giving an unparalleled dynamic in every single passage of music.

In Eam Lab the constant search for absolute performance is also found in the integrated Element 260Ai amplifiers.
Starting from the selected components up to the remarkable power section, this integrated amplifier makes a tireless musical instrument.
And it's just a musical instrument. From the low noise entry stages to the final devices, everything is rigorously tested for music and to guarantee excellent and reliable performance for years.



Dual mono co-design and balanced circuit for an intransically interference-free signal

Amplnetic shielding of the transformer to minimize vibrations and interference in the amplification circuits

Sound and stage reconstruction of reference with very high piloting capacity

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