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The purity of sound reproduction of class A - HDCA.2 input stages with "instrumentation" components for an exceptional signal to noise ratio - an innovative power supply circuit that uses super fast diodes to guarantee transient response times never achieved before - Sanken bipolar output device for unique performance. 2,000 VA toroidal transformer to provide maximum energy at absolute volume and impedance levels

Reference 152A was born to amaze. It is clearly stated that Class A circuits are the most accurate musical type of circuit. Class A amplifiers do not suffer the intrinsic distortions that all AB class amplifiers experience. In a classic Class A design, the output transistors fully conduct the current at any time, regardless of the actual one required by the speakers .. in this way each phase rotation on the signal is canceled for the benefit of the incredible fluidity of reproduction of the musical message .
But clearly not all class A know how to play so well. We in the 152A wanted a sufficiently high power able to drive with confidence even the most demanding systems, a driving ability that does not "cut" the strong musical passages on speakers with impedance modules close to the short circuit and, obviously, a sound worthy of the name REFERENCE.


All the purity of the A class for a sonic reproduction of excellence in any condition of use.

Transparency, scenic depth, focus and dynamics at absolute levels

Dual-Mono Construction, Entrance Stages via HDCA, components from instrumentation and the latest generation for a unique reproduction and fidelity

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