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Class A sound reproduction purity - HDCA.2 input stages with "instrumentation" components for an exceptional noise signal ratio - innovative power supply circuitry that uses super-fast diodes to provide timing response to transients never reached before - Sanken bipolar output device for unique performance. 2,000 VA toroidal traverser to provide maximum energy at maximum absolute volume and impedance levels

Reference 152A was born to astonish. It is clearly stated that Class A drawings are the most accurate musical topology circuitry. Class A amplifiers do not undergo the intrinsic distortions that all class AB amplifiers experience. In classical Class A design, the output transistors fully power the current at any time, regardless of the real one required by the speakers. In this way, any phase rotation on the signal is canceled for the incredible smoothness of playing the music message .
But clearly not all class A know how to play so well. In the 152A we wanted a sufficiently high power to drive even the most demanding systems with ease, a driving ability that would not "cut" the strong musical passages on speakers with impedance modules near the short circuit and, of course, a Sound worthy of the REFERENCE name

• Continuos average output power (20hz – 20.000 hz )
150Watt per channel into 8 ohm
280Watt per channel into 4 ohm            stereo operation
450Watt per channel into 2 ohm     (both channel driven)
700Watt  in mono mode 4 Ohm

• Total harmonic distortion  stereo operation (both channel driven)-   0.07% with 2 ohm load / 0.003% with 4-8 ohm load
Frequency response   at rated output    20-20Khz +0/-0.25 Db  -  at 1 Watt output 20-80Khz    +0/-3 Db
Damping Factor            >400 at 50 -80-120 hz refer 8 ohm
Input sensitivity            0.9 V for full power 8 Ohm
• Input impedance          47 Kohm balanced / 22 Kohm         unbalanced
• Signal to noise ratio    >115 Db weighted A
• Power consumption     300 Watt idle
• Maximum dimension  550 x 250 x 600 mm (DxHxW)
• Weight       70 Kg

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