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Founded in 2010 in Parabiago, one of the Italian provinces where the mechanical and electronics industry has reached the highest levels of excellence, EAM LAB is becoming, over the years, one of the leading brands in the world of design and production of music reproduction a lot high levels.

In every EamLab product there is always a careful attention to detail and a propensity to the maximum design, the result of an all-Italian tradition that makes the style a timeless art, a variety of values and meanings.

Innovation in tradition This is the secret of Eam Lab. Knowledge as it is gaining over the years, high engineering and experience towards the discoveries of new frontiers of sound.

A continuous renewal, a constant evolution that will never forget the story and the starting point: the passion for music.
The mission is simple: become the best manufacturer of high-end electronics in the world.

01. Series MUSICA

The entry level of EamLab production. Amplifiers, DAC and integrated Ampli built according to high construction standards and with a sound reproduction that, we are sure, will amaze you.
exceptional products, unparalleled dynamic capacity and low price for high construction standards. The gateway to the Eamlab world.

02.  Series ELEMENT

Amplifiers, Integrated and preamps designed for uncompromised audio systems. High powers, our trademark, current driving, oversized power supplies and indestructible construction have always been the common features of the Element series. For those who want a definitive product that leaves room only for music.

03. Series REFERENCE

Our "Flagship". Built without compromise and equipped with the best components. Eamlab's flagship products are our largest, most powerful and most luxurious products in over 20 years of design. These are Eamlab premier power amplifiers. Few people will be able to see them or listen to them, the less fortunate they will be to possess them. And yet, because of their very existence, the limits of sound reproduction have been pushed further than in the past. In every phase of their development, a fundamental objective was coherent: the pursuit of absolute perfection in the quality of sound. Mission accomplished.

Eamlab is always looking for innovation and every product is highly handmade and built in Italy. An added value that leaves our products immortal over time.

Eamlab is a guarantee of reliability and constructive quality in every respect.

Every element will be reliable for years. the products are built with components of exceptional quality. Power, dynamics and sound reproduction are our trademark. Eamlab will change the way you listen to music!
Avant-garde design. Italian excellence

Artisan craftsmanship, unquestionable quality and innovative design, but always functional, are the essence of EamLab products. With the same meticulous attention to detail in the construction, each product is given a precise identity. Eamlab products represent, now more than ever, a refined, elegant and timeless beauty, a synthesis of cutting-edge design and high performance. The characteristic that distinguishes Eamlab is the strong link between a design inspired by tradition.
The clean and essential lines, refined and original characterize the amplifications with exclusive design and unique style. A balanced synthesis between elegance and innovation that always marks new goals in the history of international design. We do not indulge in free connotations, of too easy scenic impact. We love classic design, rigorous and clean, where the key word is to remove, not to add. With the aim of achieving the essence of a unique, unmistakable style, where innovation meets and develops in the harmony of a tradition to become a legend".

             Vicolo Gesù 1 - 20020 Busto Garolfo (Mi) Italy
   Tel : +39 0331 537078 / info@eamlab.com   P.IVA 09985970962
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