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Element C201 is the evolution of the Music C101 and HP01 preamps series. in this new model the circuit implementation and the components used substantially improve the performances of the previous models.

the project develops on a completely balanced mono dual conception and construction. Everything in this preamp is double. Basically it's like having 2 preamps in a single frame.
the feeds are stabilized and optimally filtered for a better response to transients and extension of the sound message without bandwidth changes.

the speed and depth of the bass, the micro and macro-dynamics and the seemingly infinite frequency spectrum are the qualities of Element C201. the ideal coupling for the Element series of amplifiers



Native balanced circuit from input to output. Signals via RCA are also converted internally to a balanced signal that can be taken out via XLR

Separate and stabilized power supplies for each channel, Digital volume control to eliminate annoying click noise through wear. a guarantee of constant performance over time

low ESR electrolytic capacitors and polypropylene signal capacitors designed to our specifications to maximize sonic performance and dynamic sense across the frequency spectrum

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