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EamLab Amplifiers enjoy universal recognition from both music lovers and industry professionals. As a consequence of a relentless passion for superb performance and unparalleled quality of construction, Eamlab is constantly evolving in the research and innovation of its products.

StudioC100 is the evolution of a project born to drastically change the rules of sound reproduction, significantly reducing production costs thanks to innovative production processes and the careful selection of all the components that equip it.

The Studio C100 preamplifier perfectly combines high quality sound with an attractive visual appearance. Its operation is simple and intuitive and guarantees a realistic listening experience being the ideal component for the Studio series amplifiers.

As a member of the Eamlab family of preamps, it benefits from technological and engineering advances that mark, for example, the performance of the preamplifier of the C301 reference line.
These include the proven HDCA input stages, semiconductor-stabilized power supplies in Darlington configuration, and DC-coupled signal paths without distortion capacitors for accurate bass reproduction.

€  890,00



balanced circuiting and stabilized power supplies

polypropylene decoupling capacitors constructed to specifications to maximize sonic performance

Reconstruction of sound and scenic reference, maximum freedom of connection

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