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The REFERENCE C301 preamplifiers offer a significant step forward in capturing subtleties, nuances and emotions of recorded music. Designed in and out to reflect the improvements of the entire EamLab product range, these new preamps match perfectly with our REFERENCE amplifier series.

All aspects of signal processing are significantly improved, from the lowest noise, to the total distortion less than 0.002%, to the separation of the channels greater than 90 db until the rejection to disturbances of any kind it is thanks to the separate power stage that incorporates also a last-generation EMI / RFI filter with inductors wound on an iron-ceramic core and specially designed condensers.

The circuits are housed in a 3mm thick steel chassis to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference and vibrations introduced by the environment.

the input and output stages (amplification of the actual signal) through the HDCA proprietary modules in multistage configuration with emitter follower provide less distortion and a better response linearity than the traditional "single-stage" preamplifiers

Each individual preamplifier is hand-assembled and tested for 100 hours to ensure unrivaled reliability and performance for many years to come.



Separate power supply. Separate and stabilized voltages for each channel and filtered on site on each HDCA module, digital volume control to eliminate annoying click noise through wear and tear. Available in black or Silver

low ESR electrolytic capacitors and polypropylene signal capacitors designed to our specifications to maximize sonic performance and dynamic sense across the frequency spectrum

Native balanced circuit from input to output. Signals via RCA are also converted internally to a balanced signal that can be taken out via XLR

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