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High performance and power as required. With Music 202i you will finally be able to enjoy such a natural sound that you will not regret the separate solutions. It is an integrated amplifier with a modern and functional design, designed with circuit solutions that have made it possible to reach excellent levels of listening.

Fully dual mono and balanced native. The supplies are completely separate for each channel, as well as the mass planes and the circuits related to the stabilization of the tensions.

The rewired WBT connectors allow an electrical contact that is ideally free of resistance so as not to compromise the delicate transition transition of the signal from source to amplifier.
the implemented circuit owner also makes the signals via RCA balanced internally to the amplifier, with a notable improvement of the SNR ratio and of the dynamics in the whole frequency spectrum.

Complete an ergonomic remote control in aluminum, an Oled display in various colors on request between yellow, white, blue, red or green and the possibility of finishing black / Silver, Silver / Black or their variants


Compact and modern design, black finishes, aluminum color or its combinations, Minimum heat produced that fits in every space

Dual Mono, Toshiba Pcb multilayer Device and power stages designed for crystal clear and realistic reproduction. Native Balanced and proprietary processing circuit for balanced signals via RCA

Production processes and components built on our specifications within a radius of 20 km from our headquarters ... just to guarantee the best performance ever

             Vicolo Gesù 1 - 20020 Busto Garolfo (Mi) Italy
   Tel : +39 0331 537078 /   P.IVA 09985970962
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